WCC Armeninan Round Table Foundation


«Together for a peaceful and just society guided by Christian values»



Mission of the organization

Rooted on Christian values and human rights to enhance positive change in the life of people in Armenia through diaconal, development and humanitarian efforts and empowerment of communities, Churches and civil society.

Vision of the organization

Promotion of a peaceful and just society, which respects all God’s creation, practices Christian values in word and deed, and ensures a dignified life for the vulnerable, with equal rights and opportunities for all.

 Fields of activity

  • Integrated community development
  • Capacity building
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Peace and reconciliation


ART attaches importance to Christian fundamental values, vigorous expression of love, faith and hope, based on the biblical belief that people are made in the image and likeness of God and should be treated equally.

Organization Overview

Armenia Round Table Foundation was established by the Armenian Apostolic Church and the World Council of Churches in 1997.  It is a unique platform, where representatives of Armenian Apostolic, Armenian Evangelical and Armenian Catholic Churches as well non-governmental organizations come together to discuss and address persisting issues of the Armenian society.

ART works in the fields of integrated community development, capacity building, emergency       preparedness and response, peace building and conflict transformation.  ART attaches importance to       initiatives and approaches which foster dialogue and participation in peace building.  ART contributes to the process with efforts raising public awareness and building capacity of young people and civil society organizations in non-violent conflict transformation.

«Armenia and neighbors. Looking for peace» project

Through «Armenia and neighbors. Looking for peace» project the subject of
‘conflict transformation’ was successfully developed and included into the curriculum of the top two Armenian universities as a mandatory course for Master’s degree students of international relations department. The project contributed to increasing public awareness on peace and relation building with neighbors due to joint efforts and opinion exchange between CSOs, media, opinion leaders, peace ambassadors from Armenia, Georgia, Iran and Turkey. Micro projects were an important instrument to build and strengthen relations with NGOs operating in the filed of peace building.

Results in figures

  • 69 students graduated conflict transformation courses in 2015-2017
  • 26 small scale projects reflecting peace building initiatives implemented, reaching 1995 people
  • 7 TV discussions were viewed by 421,460 people on TV, by 2,545 on YouTube

Next steps

Based on experience of the previous years of work, ART will focus in the coming years on capacity building of young people, especially those residing in bordering areas of the country. A non-formal course on conflict transformation will be elaborated and tested, micro projects will continue to be an integral part of awareness raising and capacity building components to create linkages and proactively align with efforts of others thus increasing the outreach of the awareness raising work.

For more information about «WCC Armeninan Round Table Foundation», please follow the link  www.roundtable-act.am/en/