History of the Platform

The Platform represents a unique model with the ambition to serve as basis for creating a larger Peace Network among all Post Soviet countries in foreseeable future. Its concept unifies similar local problems on the ground with common vision for a peaceful tomorrow.


We truly believe that a Platform, created among NGOs, all engaged in peace building in South Caucasian and Central Asian countries (SCCA Peace Platform) has the potential to play important role in exchanging and spreading successful experience of ethnic, inter-state and community conflict resolution. SCCA Peace Platform aspires to become vivid, experience-based learning process which evolves with time. It consists of growing number of member NGOs with their ongoing programs, dedicated to conflict management both locally and regionally.


Through connecting civil society organizations the Platform indents to:

  • Reinforce local peace building process in South Caucasian and Central Asian countries;
  • Contribute to capacity development of its members and increase the efficiency of peace programs, implemented by them;
  • Support fruitful exchange of successful innovative approaches among Platform members;
  • Produce new key learning tools for the Platform;
  • Develop new approaches for conflict resolution, up to date strategy for each specific conflict scenario;
  • Implement joint activities and projects, targeted at peace building needs of specific local communities.

There are several reasons why the project is first of its kind and unique by its nature. Through uniting the vision of different NGOs, engaged in peace building activities in 2 geographically distant Post-Soviet regions and fostering the exchange of their successful experiences and capacities, the Platform will support mutual development of practical skills.

Supported and monitored by both internal and external experts, the platform lays the groundwork for establishing a functioning model for creation of even larger Peace Network among Post Soviet countries in the future.



Women for Development NGO

ART Foundation (Armenia)



Fund Sukhumi

IDP Women’s Association



Foundation for Tolerance International/FTI/

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