Conflict Management Education Pilot Project in Georgia

On October 15th, WFD NGO’s Education Officer Susanna Ghazaryan took part in the “Peace Education in Schools will Secure Better Future” conference, which was organized by Cultural Humanitarian Fund “Sukhumi” in Georgia’s Kutaisi town. The goal of the conference was to present the results of the trainings implemented by Fund “Sukhumi” in the area of promoting Peace Education in the schools of their beneficiary communities to the audience, which comprised of teachers and Education Resource Center members from 9 administrative districts of Western Georgia. The trainings were organized based on the “Conflict Management Education in Schools” methodological handbook, developed by WFD NGO and in frames of the small grants program, announced for the Regional Peace Platform members. During the conference, the results of the impact evaluation of the peace education carried out among schoolchildren, teachers, principals and parents were presented, along with the project methodology and participants’ feedback. As the outcome of this conference, the participants developed a strategic plan for organizing systemic peace and conflict resolution education in schools pf Georgia. Education Resource Centers’ members decided to send a joint letter to the Ministry of Education, in order to present the report on the implemented activities and the results of the impact evaluation.

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